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The Coronavirus Disease 19 or COVID-19 protocol that we have put in place in all of our properties at City Lodge Hotel Group, for the safety and reassurance of staff and guests, includes but is not limited to:

Educating staff (ongoing) on what the virus is; where the disease outbreak began; ways in which it is transmitted; symptoms to look out for; and daily measures to prevent contamination and spread of viruses in personal, operational and guest spaces.

Staff hand sanitisers (alcohol based) have been rolled out in back of house areas (such as kitchen, office, laundry, staff restaurant and bathrooms) as well as front of house guest areas (such as reception desk, bar, restaurant, lounge, fitness room, boardroom and meeting room).

Guest hand sanitisers (alcohol based) are placed in easy reach of guests in public areas of the hotel with a notice encouraging regular use.

Personal hygiene is being reiterated, including the importance of washing hands frequently and thoroughly; avoiding touching eyes, nose and mouth; practicing respiratory hygiene (sneezing and coughing into a tissue that is safely discarded or the crook of the elbow), and avoiding touching one’s face;

Regular routine cleaning of public areas such as restrooms, breakfast rooms, restaurants, table tops, counters, hand rails, door knobs, back office surfaces and front desk surfaces are wiped down on a regular routine throughout the day,  with a polycide chemical (a disinfectant cleaner) that kills most viruses;

In addition to regular routine cleaning, we have implemented the wiping down of all surfaces with a chemical disinfectant called Surface Defense Standard Treatment, which has a lifespan of 90 days once it has been applied. It is being applied to surfaces as a sealant prior to the daily regular routine cleaning that is taking place, which includes: door handles of restrooms and guest rooms, restaurant table tops, bar counters, boardroom tables, hand rails on stairwells, buttons of lifts, speed point machines, front desk counters and entrance door handles.

Sanitisers for security officers at our hotel entrances have also been issued to ensure hygiene for themselves as well as all our arriving guests.

Protective wear such as protective gloves (and face masks as required) are issued to housekeeping and public area Guest Service Attendants when on duty and cleaning of  equipment with a polycide chemical (disinfectant cleaner) between guest and rest rooms.

Avoiding close contact with anyone who is coughing, sneezing and feverish.  Anyone showing symptoms of respiratory illness to be reported to the hotel’s general manager for further action to take place, such as contacting the NCID hotline.

The NCID Hotline is to be available to all staff and guests.  In the event that anyone feels ill after travelling from countries with coronavirus, the South African Department of Health advises first phoning the National Institute of Communicable Diseases (NCID) helpline rather than going straight to a medical facility, to prevent potential contamination. The NICD hotline number is 080 002 9999.

While no one can predict the path of this virus, we are doing all we can to reduce the risk of potential contamination or spread of disease. We thank you for choosing to stay at a City Lodge Hotel Group property and look forward to delivering on our service excellence promise.